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Fire Risk Assessment

In compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

A risk assessment to identify and assess the significant risks to a building relating to fire safety. Documented findings, actions and recommendations provided upon completion.

Annual Fire Risk Re-assessment

A periodic re-assessment to ensure compliance has been maintained.

A risk assessment ensuring previous actions and recommendations have been implemented and control measures remain suitable and sufficient.

Fire Detection & Alarm System

The key aspect of fire protection is to identify the developing fire as soon as possible so that you can alert the building’s occupants and fire emergency organizations. This is why you should have a fire detection and alarm system installed.

Building and site conditions are different, so it is important to select the appropriate type of system and detectors, and install them in the correct locations. Intelligent fire detection and alarm systems can be integrated with building control systems and command other building systems to take smart actions.

Remember, the fire detection and alarm system needs to be tested and maintained regularly. Both for fire regulations compliance and to ensure the system is able to provide you full protection to minimize fire loss and impact.

Our services include the installation of Intumescent strips, paint, barriers, sealants, curtains, fire detection and alarm systems boarding and fire doors to new or existing buildings.

Intumescent Paints & Coatings

Intumescent paints and coatings have the same appearance as paints and are applied in the same way as paints. However, in a fire situation the temperature increase causes Intumescent paints & coatings to chemically react and expand to provide up to 120 mins of fire protection to all surfaces.

Fireboard Encasement

A Fireboard encasement solution provides an effective passive fire protection solution for steel frame structures where impact resistance is important and where intumescent coatings are not suitable.

These systems, which range from mineral fibre to fire rated plasterboard, can be installed quickly and efficiently.

Floor & Ceiling Partitions

Fire rated floor and ceiling partitions ensure effective division of a building into “sterile” compartments using building materials that will protect against fire travelling from one compartment to the next.

Fire Barriers & Curtains

These flexible, lightweight and easy to install solutions can be used to achieve compartmentation in many situations such as ceilings and roof voids to inhibit the spread of heat, smoke and fire, or within workspaces to achieve separation.

This is achieved either by use of a mineral fire barrier giving both fire protection and insulation or by use of a lightweight woven cloth material which is also a very cost effective solution.

Fire Stopping & Air Sealing

Where communications, services and utilities go through fire walls and floors; preventing flames, smoke and toxic gases is a crucial element of passive fire protection.

This includes construction linear joints, apertures & penetration via floors and wall cavities, service openings within wall surfaces and floors, and combustible pipes and cables.

This is achieved by applying a range of passive fire protection solutions including intumescent mastic sealants, ablative coated mineral fire batts and gypsum based fire mortars.

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